The devolved administrations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will receive a minimum of £3.7bn in additional funding this year, on top of the £8.9bn confirmed since March to support the coronavirus recovery, the UK government has announced.

The upfront guarantee, which will take the total amount of coronavirus funding guaranteed to the three nations to a minimum of £12.7bn for 2020/21 on top of their Spring Budget funding, will give the devolved administrations the certainty and financial flexibility to plan for the months ahead.

Any changes to the devolved administrations funding are normally confirmed at the end of the financial year, but the additional guarantee means they have the certainty to spend this funding now, on priorities such as the NHS and business support.

The government announcement means a total increase of at least £6.5bn of additional funding for the Scottish government, £4bn for the Welsh government and £2.2bn for the Northern Ireland executive. The UK government said this represented a 25% increase in funding for the three nations, on top of their funding set out at the Spring Budget.