ACCA Council member Sharon Critchlow shares some helpful strategies you may wish to consider for you and for your business:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on your and your employees’ mental health could be more profound than you may realise. As a lot of us work from home or remain on furloughed leave, looking after your mind as well as your body is crucial to be able to sustain these measures long term. Here are some ideas on how to support team wellbeing in these unprecedented times. 

  • Focus on yourself to understand the importance of emotional intelligence, dealing effectively with anxiety and creating a wellbeing routine. 

  • The 2008 economic crash offers some lessons on promoting wellbeing during the current crisis.  

In addition, be vigilant as you could fall victim to fraudsters offering tax refunds or posing as fundraising charities. Stay safe with ACCA’s guide to spotting and steering clear of scams.