As we continue to navigate our way through the global challenges being faced by finance professionals, we recognise that the way you work may have changed, and the CPD opportunities which were once available to you may have been affected. We hope to help solve some of those problems through our online offering.

At ACCA, the needs and concerns of our members are our first priority. We've been working closely with our CPD partners to provide you with discounts to their products, and they have highlighted topics and online resources which may be beneficial to you.

We've also brought the CPD which you might find most relevant to you in one place. We understand that CPD may not be on your mind right now, but we are sure lots of the changes you are making to work in the current environment could count as learning to develop your career. 

How we're supporting you

ACCA has a range of webinars, courses and certificates which you can access to continue the learning that is relevant to you. Whether it is a short online course to upskill in cyber security, or a certificate to progress to the next stage of your career, we've got resources for every step of your journey.

  • Webinars - free for ACCA members

    ACCA has a series of free webinars covering various topics which can support you in developing your professional skills as well as helping you to recover from the global coronavirus pandemic. Support yourself, your business and your clients, whilst developing your skills in areas such as forecasting to business continuity.

    See our Covid-19 related webinars

  • Digital CPD courses

    New FinTech Track

    Get the latest learning in digital technology from ACCA in this new FinTech track. Containing content produced by ACCA, it is designed to set you on the right track to broaden your technological knowledge. The track consists of three online courses, plus bonus content in the format of podcasts, videos and webinars. Specially priced for ACCA members, the track contains 21 units of CPD so you can claim all of your verifiable units in one area.

    Access the track now

  • Certificates - discounted for ACCA members

    ACCA has a range of online certificates to support our students, members and partners during this Covid-19 pandemic. There are currently discounts available to support our members.

    ACCA online certificates

    ACCA has recently produced a new certificate to support members who wish to develop their knowledge, skills and awareness of innovations in digital technology and its impact on the finance profession.

    Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance (CertDIF)

Working with our CPD partners

We've been working with our CPD partners to identify topic areas which may be of support during these uncertain times, and our partners have highlighted the courses they have in these areas.

Recognising that financial situations may be different for all of our members globally, our CPD partners have also provided discounts across their products. Please see below for further details about these discounts.