Opening the profession

We believe that anyone, regardless of background, should have the opportunity to pursue a career in accountancy. And, the important role our great profession plays in creating fair and sustainable organisations and societies, means that it is vital that our profession actively includes and welcomes people from all backgrounds and reflects the societies in which we work and serve.

For over 115 years, we have provided a route into the profession for anyone with the ambition and determination to succeed, with different entry points into our qualifications that acknowledge prior academic attainment. As a result, the diversity of experience, expertise and perspective in the ACCA global community is unmatched. 

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Our open-access digital learning programme

ACCA-X is a great example of our commitment to opening the profession to all. It is ACCA's first open-access digital learning programme and, now in it’s fifth year, it has been the starting point for many successful journeys into a rewarding career in accountancy.

There are several courses available to our learners, including both free and paid-for courses, meaning we can cater for people at all levels. Our free courses are available to anyone around the world and meet rigorous international standards for accessibility.

A supportive community

Our community is passionate about encouraging and nurturing the next generation, so they have the greatest chance of success. An example of our supportive community in action is our mentoring programme. It is designed to help members give back to the profession and ACCA, by mentoring and supporting the career ambitions of our affiliates and students.

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