ACCA apprenticeships in England

Making it easy for you to recruit and develop the financial talent you need to grow your business

Our definition of an apprenticeship is ACCA’s world-leading professional accountancy qualification paid for by the government.

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The professional accountant is evolving. Their demanding roles will require them to display a wider range of skills and competencies. We’ve made changes to the ACCA Qualification to ensure that ACCA accountants meet your needs, such as digital skills and emotional intelligence. We ensure ACCA accountants add immediate value to your business.

We’ve built a market-leading blend of technical, ethical and professional skills into our world-class accountancy qualification, which you can now access through our apprenticeship programmes. ACCA apprenticeships are mapped to the ACCA Qualification and follow the same syllabus. This means that ACCA apprentices are trained with the same skills and technical knowledge as someone studying the qualification the traditional way.

Apprenticeship funding

One of the main benefits of apprenticeships is that the cost of training is covered by the government. Large companies with an annual pay bill in excess of £3m automatically pay into the apprenticeship levy. That levy pot can be used by all businesses to fund apprenticeship programmes.  

The government also covers at least 95% of training costs for small businesses who want to use apprenticeships to recruit and upskill their employees. And SMEs can also receive funds for apprenticeships by way of a 25% transfer from levy-paying employers.

Find out more about Levy Funding.

Debt-free development

ACCA’s apprenticeship programmes offer  a flexible and cost-effective route into the profession. They allow people to develop professional skills and experience early, and launch a career in accounting and finance without the significant cost of a degree. Apprenticeships also provide a platform for career-changers too. There’s no upper age limit for apprenticeships so anyone over 16 can apply.

For you, as a business owner or  manager, apprenticeships offer a fantastic way to attract, engage, motivate, develop and retain skilled employees - the kind of people who will help you to drive your business forward. 

Practical skills and quality learning

We've partnered with government, other professional bodies and training providers to develop and deliver the Accounting Technician and Professional Accountant Apprenticeship standards based on what employers say they want. And we think ahead so we’ve enhanced our students’ employability by making changes to the ACCA qualification, building in a market-leading blend of skills which are included in our apprenticeship programmes. 

Career progression

Our Generation Next research insight shows young finance professionals want the opportunity to learn and develop skills. This is a key factor for employee retention, closely followed by career progression opportunities. Our pathways to chartered certified status can be aligned to your talent strategies and used to develop people at all levels to suit your needs.

There's a growing recognition of how apprenticeships offer a valuable, non-traditional route into the world of work and are an excellent vehicle to developing top talent.

Embedded degrees

Our apprenticeships are distinct from other accounting apprenticeships because they allow your apprentices to progress towards the full ACCA Qualification, the equivalent of a Master's.

And there are many and varied opportunities for your apprentices to continue studying with ACCA, including gaining a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and an MSc in Professional Accounting from the University of London.