Accounting Technician apprenticeship (Level 4)


Introduction to the Accounting Technician apprenticeship (Level 4)

This apprenticeship, which meets the Trailblazers Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship standard, trains apprentices to understand the structure and functions of different businesses. It also gives them the technical knowledge to support financial planning in a variety of business contexts. They’ll be able to create, verify and review accurate and timely financial information for you.

Trained to meet the relevant ethical, professional and legal standards, they’ll use their knowledge of business systems and processes as well as standard accounting practices to analyse and make recommendations for your business.

It’s equivalent to a foundation degree, and the modules focus on real-life work scenarios and use the latest technologies to ensure that your apprentices gain the practical knowledge they need. The programmes also develop apprentices’ transferable and professional skills including team work and communication to help progress careers. 

What subjects does the apprenticeship cover?

The Accounting Technician Apprenticeship draws on the early modules of our world-class professional qualification, known as 'Applied Knowledge', giving your apprentices interactive lessons, and access to a tutor and an online community of fellow students.

Your apprentices will study and be examined on three subject areas with Applied Knowledge:

  • Accountant in Business - business structures and how accounting contributes to the development of business
  • Financial Accounting - principles and proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques
  • Management Accounting - techniques to support management in planning

They’ll also take our interactive module Foundations in Professionalism which covers ethics and personal effectiveness. Successful completion of all these elements means the apprentice will be awarded ACCA’s Diploma in Accounting and Business as well as the actual apprenticeship award itself.

To get an idea of how our apprenticeship is structured, download our diagram (PDF, 24 KB).


The Accounting Technician apprenticeship takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. Most apprentices complete within 12-18 months. There’s no limit to the time taken to complete the apprenticeship, that will be agreed between you and your apprentice.

This allows you to ensure that exams and any study leave are compatible with the demands of your business, and means apprentices spend less time away from their day-to-day roles than on comparable programmes.


At the end of the apprenticeship, when you are both ready, your apprentice will sit the Accounting Technician apprenticeship Technical Role Simulation exam. This has to be at least 12 months after registration.

Their training portfolio, a separate assessment, comprising a training log and written reflective statement, will be reviewed and assessed.

Once they have completed all of the requirements, they can submit their portfolio to ACCA for review.

Ongoing development

Once they have been awarded the Trailblazers Level 4 Accounting Technician Apprenticeship, apprentices can choose to go on to a number of flexible pathways:

  • moving onto the Professional Accountant Apprenticeship (Level 7)
  • gaining a BSc in Applied Accounting through Oxford Brookes University; and/or
  • an MSc in Professional Accounting from the University of London.

They can also choose to pursue ACCA chartered certified status via traditional studying, meaning that they could become ACCA chartered certified accountants within five years of beginning their apprenticeship.

By offering a route into this range of development pathways, you'll strengthen your employer brand, attract and retain talent, build loyalty and demonstrate your commitment to the highest professional standards.

Download our diagram (PDF, 35 KB) to see the apprenticeship routes to ACCA membership.