Roles and responsibilities

Guide to roles and responsibilities

First of all you need an apprenticeship agreement with a training provider. You’ll also need  an agreement between your apprentice and you, the employer. Your apprentice will also need to register with ACCA.

During an apprenticeship there is a range of activity that will be completed by each party. Here you can find guidance of who needs to do what - and when - as part of an apprenticeship with ACCA.

Apprentice responsibilities

Apprentices need to register with ACCA and then enter for exams at the appropriate time.

Our Trailblazers Apprentices Guide helps apprentices with what they need to do during and after registration.

Apprentices who are already registered with ACCA will need to complete the ACCA Trailblazers Transfer Request form.

Employer responsibilities

As an employer, you will need to ensure your apprentice registers with ACCA, and you’ll need to pay for the registration and on-programme fees for your apprentices. You will also need to complete the End Point Assessment Gateway form before your apprentice can enter the End Point Assessment.

Our Trailblazers Employers Guide will help you with what you are required to do during the apprenticeship.

Training provider responsibilities

A training provider will teach the ACCA syllabus, guide and support the apprentice through  the exams and they will support the employer in the completion of the End Point Assessment Gateway.

A training provider will pay for the End Point Assessment.