Setting up your apprenticeship

Funding your apprenticeship

Government funding for apprenticeship schemes is available through your regional apprenticeship agency, the National Apprenticeship Service.

This covers apprenticeships for new and current employees, for apprentices of all ages. You may also be able to access additional funding for apprentices 16 or 17 years old.

Recruiting an apprentice

To get an idea of what's involved with setting up your apprenticeship and recruiting an apprentice, download our step-by-step guide (PDF, 29 KB)

Remember, you can use our Job Board to extend your reach and attract the right apprentice. It's even free for you to place your apprentice job advert. Visit our Job Board

Cost to your business

Because apprenticeship attract significant central government funding, they represent a highly cost-effective means of retaining and developing your staff and attracting new talent.

The main cost to you as an employer is the cost of employing someone, as apprentices receive the same benefits as any other employee.

So, when assessing the likely cost to your business of employing apprentices, you may wish to consider the following:

  • hourly or annual wage/salary
  • number of hours your Apprentice will work per week
  • your Employer National Insurance contributions
  • your Employer contributions to a work-based pension scheme
  • the level/cost of manager resource required to support your apprentice 
  • the time/cost required to liaise with your training provider to finalise the process
  • administration costs of the apprenticeship 

The only other costs are the ACCA exams and the initial registration and subscription fees.