Training and assessment

Flexible training options

You can choose whether your apprenticeship programme provides training through a local provider on a day-release basis, through self-study or via online sessions or a combination of all three.

Your approved local training provider together with Skills Development Scotland can help you organise a scheme that suits the requirements of your business.

Off-the-job training

Apprentices will be entitled to off-the-job training as part of their apprenticeship programme. This can be delivered through on-site training, your training provider or through study time for desk-based and online sessions, or a combination of these.

The training provided through the apprenticeship can include relevant theory teaching through:

  • lectures
  • role playing
  • simulation exercises
  • online learning
  • manufacturer training
  • practical training
  • shadowing
  • mentoring
  • industry visits
  • attendance at competitions
  • learning support
  • time spent writing assessments/assignments