Delivering the apprenticeship

Experience and learning combined

One of the defining features of an apprenticeship is the way it combines structured training with on-the-job experience and learning.

Configure the apprenticeship to suit you

ACCA and approved training providers will support you in your funding bid for Accounting Technician Level 4 apprentices as well as aid you with recruitment. 

You can organise your company apprenticeship programme to suit your needs. This can be through day-release to a local training provider or through study time for desk-based and online sessions.

Choose a training partner

We work with a number of respected providers.

A full list of providers is available on Skills Development Scotland.

Collaborate with your apprentice

You will need to support your Level 4 apprentices in completing their training log. This is a record of the learning, knowledge and experience they gain under the apprenticeship.


To access the scheme and funding, you will need to provide your apprentices with a contract of employment and apprentice agreement, which:

  • outlines the skills and/or occupation for which the apprentice will train
  • confirms the qualifying apprenticeship framework they will follow

For more information, visit our Getting funding page.

Further funding information

If you already employ Modern Apprentices then funding towards the cost of training will continue to be administered by Skills Development Scotland through contracted training providers and direct employer contracts.

But if you don’t currently employ Modern Apprentices, this is your opportunity to discover how work-based learning through our Level 4 apprenticeship can improve your business performance and productivity. There are also additional funding incentives available in Scotland, which we encourage you to explore. 

Contact us to find out more about trainer providers in Scotland who have approval to deliver our apprenticeship programmes and who have funded contracts with the Scottish government.