ACCA apprenticeships in Wales

The apprenticeship landscape in Wales

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 and the growing focus on apprenticeships reflect the government’s stated commitment to improving the skills base within the UK economy, and to providing a viable alternative to university education.

The Welsh Government is committed to delivering 100,000 all-age apprenticeships, with a focus on increasing the number of apprentices aged 16-19 years and addressing skills shortages in line with priorities determined by Regional Skills Partnerships. The government particularly wants to develop higher-level skills - those at Level 4 or higher - and to integrate apprenticeships into the wider education system. The government is also committed to increasing the numbers of all age apprenticeships, recognising the impact that developing the skills of existing employees is a priority for developing the economy of Wales.

Thinking ahead with apprenticeships

We make it easy for you to recruit and develop the financial talent you need to grow your business and stay relevant in this fast-moving world.

ACCA accountants can help you make real, business-changing decisions thanks to our market-leading blend of technical, ethical and professional skills that underpin our apprenticeship programme. No matter where an individual starts from, or what experience they have, we give them the knowledge that you need to build a finance team that will help your business succeed.

And it’s much easier for you to up-skill existing employees, and recruit and mould exciting new talent to your business culture with our funded Accounting Technician apprenticeship that is delivered under the Welsh Government’s Accounting Level 4 higher apprenticeship framework.

It provides apprentices with an attractive and flexible alternative to university studies, allowing them to develop professional skills and gain work-place experience while learning on the job.

Crucially, they can launch a career in accounting and finance without the significant cost of a degree.

Attract and develop talent

For business owners and managers, thes apprenticeship offer a way to attract, develop and retain skilled employees - the kind of people who will help you to drive your business forward. A popular alternative to university, apprenticeships not only widen the pool of talent from which you can recruit, but they give you the means to build a diverse, talented, digital-ready team. By offering apprenticeships, you’ll also demonstrate your commitment to building the skills of local talent as well as your own employees. Our research has shown that young finance professional want clear paths for career progression, and with flexible entry routes into our Accounting Technician apprenticeship, the programme is a springboard for a successful career in finance.    

Future-proofing your workforce

ACCA apprentices are trained to ensure digital and technological transformations can be used for business growth. Our syllabus covers technological facts, financial systems, procedures and IT applications, so your ACCA apprentice will advise on potential effects of technological change on your business structure for example. They will also use and adapt your processes as new technology is introduced to your business.

Maintaining high standards

We have long been involved in the development of the standard for the Accounting Technician apprenticeship and we regularly talk to employers to understand what they want from accountants so we ensure our offer remains relevant, up-to-date and of a high standard. We partner with government, industry bodies and training providers to deliver an excellent globally-recognised foundation in accounting, finance and business through our apprenticeship programme.

Enrolling on the Level 4 programme will enable your new and existing employees to develop practical skills as well as technical knowledge, and enhance their ability to contribute to your business - both during and after their apprenticeship.

Accounting Technician Level 4 higher apprenticeship structure

The Accounting Technician apprenticeship draws on the early modules of our world-class professional qualification, known as 'Applied Knowledge', giving your apprentices interactive lessons, and access to a tutor and an online community of fellow students.

Your apprentices will study and be examined on three subject areas with Applied Knowledge:

  • Accountant in Business - business structures and how accounting contributes to the development of business
  • Financial Accounting - principles and proficiency in the use of double-entry accounting techniques
  • Management Accounting - techniques to support management in planning

They’ll also take our interactive module Foundations in Professionalism which covers ethics and personal effectiveness. Successful completion of all these elements means the apprentice will be awarded ACCA’s Diploma in Accounting and Business as well as the actual apprenticeship award itself.

To get an idea of how our apprenticeship is structured, download our diagram (PDF, 24 KB).

In addition, as part of the Welsh Government’s apprenticeship requirements, apprentices will complete an employee rights and responsibilities workbook.