The business benefits of apprenticeships

Good for business, staff and the economy

Apprenticeships represent a cost-effective way of developing your talent and building your skills base to grow your business.

Eight reasons to set up an ACCA apprenticeship

Source for all statistics: The Benefits of Apprenticeships to Businesses report for the Skills Funding Agency by

Can I offer an apprenticeship?

You can offer an ACCA Apprenticeship if your organisation is based in England, Wales or Scotland and has the resources to offer a training scheme that allows apprentices to:

  • work with experienced staff
  • learn job-specific skills
  • spend some of their some of their time on training that is directly relevant to the apprenticeship standard

Apprenticeships in England, Scotland and Wales

The Accounting Technician apprenticeship (Level 4) programmes are broadly the same in terms of the knowledge and skills apprentices gain.

However, as apprenticeships are government funded, there are some differences depending on where you want to set one up. And the Professional Accountant apprenticeship (Level 7) is currently only available in England.

Find out how to set up an apprenticeship for your region: