P1 additional reading

This exam is no longer offered as part of the ACCA Qualification.

The following books are suggested by the examiner as additional reading to support wider study around the ACCA P1 paper. These books are not designed specifically to support preparation for the ACCA P1 paper and are not, therefore, quality assured by ACCA.

ACCA Qualification 

Paper: P1

  • Business ethics Crane, A. & Matten, D (Second edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2006)
  • Accounting and Accountability: changes and challenges in corporate social and environmental reporting' Gray, R, Owen, D and Adams C Prentice Hall, London. (1995)
  • The essentials of risk management, Crouhy, M, Galai, D, and Mark, R, McGraw Hill Professional. (2006)
  • Corporate governance, Mallin, C, (Second edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2007)
  • Corporate risk management, Merna, A and AIThani, FF, (Second edition) John Wiley & Sons (2008)
  • Corporate governance, Monks, A. G. and Minow, N, Third edition. Malden MA: Blackwell. (2004)
  • Corporate governance and accountability Solomon, J, (Second edition), Chichester; John Wiley. (2007).
  • Corporate risk management
  • Accounting and business ethics McPhail, K and Walters, D, Routledge publishers