You have accepted the role of a manager now it's time to consider what will change - the impact this function will have on your personal and professional life. You are wondering about your role, your mission and the different skills that are required to succeed in your responsibilities.

This pack will address the changes faced in as a new manager, what is expected, and help with clearly setting out your objectives and prioritising within your first week of your new role. This exciting learning path includes engaging interactive sessions, informative short videos, downloadable PDF's and reflective action tips to help put learning into action.

Learning objectives:

  • a basic grounding in effective people management
  • taking stock of your role as a manager
  • your first steps as a manager: a few golden rules
  • taking up the challenge of change
  • making an overall assessment of your role when starting a new job
  • making best use of your L+1 when taking up a new post
  • making an overall assessment of your unit's key processes
  • the influence of your perception filter
  • active Listening
  • showing empathy
  • drawing up the identity card for your unit
  • taking stock of your team
  • the 4 stages of team development
  • carrying out a diagnosis of your team
  • carrying out a first meeting with a team member
  • getting your team members to express their expectations
  • carrying out an assessment of your team member expectations of you
  • preparing a meeting
  • adapting management to the independence of your staff
  • mastering SWOT analysis
  • developing team performance
  • defining your team's mission
  • drawing up your unit's identity card
  • carrying out an audit of your unit
  • taking stock of your team dynamics
  • conducting a strategic SWOT analysis
  • what is leadership?
  • getting your teams to adopt the vision
  • developing Cooperative Behaviour
  • creating a united team.

Key information

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • develop your own learning needs
  • enhance your employability.

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Learning outcomes:

  • understanding your role
  • understanding your team and their roles
  • aligning your team with company objectives
  • dealing with expectations 
  • assessing and managing risks.