In recent years, COVID-19 has been the main focus of news reports across the world, which has often overshadowed news and updates in other areas. During that time, multiple changes have been made to tax, superannuation and employment regulation. Make sure you are aware of these changes and those that will occur in the near future.

This course provides you with an update on major changes in tax, superannuation and employee status, and allows you to consider the impact of these updates on yourself, your business and your clients. You will learn about changes in tax residency rules, recent superannuation amendments, and current rules regarding employment.

This course will enable you to:

  • get up to date with recent changes to tax, the latest announcements, and how these affect businesses
  • explore the proposed changes to tax residency rules at both corporate and individual level
  • discover the changes to superannuation brought about by the 2021-22 Federal Budget
  • consider how financial reporting requirements have changed, and how you can ensure that your corporate clients remain compliant
  • understand the current changes regarding employee status and taxation, including flexible working arrangements and minimum pay entitlements


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