• Sarah Datson FCCA
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    I work in the Banking and Finance Sector. The ACCA qualification has opened doors for me in my career and therefore joined the panel to act as a voice for ACCA women members to Connect, Inspire and influence. 

    This has mainly been through actively organising events ranging from technical updates to large scale events such panel debates. In 2019, the network is trying a new medium though webinars -  Women’s Wednesdays Webinars.


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  • Vice chair

  • Victoria Gillespie FCCA

    After attending ACCA events, I quickly realised the value of building a professional network and wanted to get involved. I’m an active supporter of Women in Business and enjoy working with likeminded Professionals to deliver events. 

     tenure, I’ve been involved with many high profile events. Working with Women on Boards UK hosting a Winter Dinner (attended by 120 members) and spoke during International Women’s Day 2017 at the Shard, London.  I have worked with Leaders of Tomorrow, actively encouraging others to join ACCA and have been invited by the Technical Team at visit the Houses of Parliament.

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  • Panel members

  • Gbemi Akojenue ACCA

    Having worked in various finance roles over 10 years, I joined the Women’s Network Panel to contribute to the ACCA and facilitate members’ engagement via advocacy, networking and sharing of information. The panel has given me an opportunity to know more about ACCA’s offering, strategic objectives and priorities as well as provide feedback to ACCA. 

    The most rewarding aspect of being on a panel is being been able to meet, discuss and answer queries about ACCA from fellow accountants (members and ACCA students) and aspiring accountants at our panel and other events.

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  • Sheralee Ghione ACCA

    Sheralee's bio will be added soon.

  • Farah Iqbal ACCA

    I currently work in the Oil and Gas Industry, working in Upstream supporting the Africa Region. I got involved with the panel as I am part of the Leadership of Tomorrow Alumni and previously have actively been involved with ACCA in terms of attending events, interviews, meeting the ACCA US Team. 

    I enjoy sharing my experience and my ACCA Journey with new and existing members. For that reason, the panel allows me to contribute and share ideas that other members may benefit from.

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  • Maria Kaci FCCA

    I am extremely passionate and energetic about empowering women to senior leadership positions hence my involvement in the woman’s southeast panel at the ACCA. It is a great honour being a spring board for both the ACCA as well as for women  in supporting in creating awareness as well opening up channels in creating opportunities.

  • Angela Moore FCCA

    I work as a Charity and Public Sector Accountant. I joined the panel in 2012 to get more involved and help shape ACCA content. Also to act as an ambassador in supporting and encouraging others in their professional development. I enjoy being a panel member and the successes we are achieving are very rewarding.

  • Leona Mondsee ACCA

    I am currently working in technology, in developing products that combine my knowledge and skills in accountancy with being able to help people have better control and knowledge over their finances. I originally got involved with the panel to gain experience working with top class fellow panel members and to help them in growing and leading the network activities, and I very much enjoy being able to get involved in events and evolving the network.

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  • Corrine Renner Thomas FCCA

    I Joined the south east women’s Panel to continue to build on my vision of empowering women, by providing network events that furnish our members with the key pillars that enables them to be modern employees and employers that can embrace and lead the transition into the new digital age.  

    I am very proactive at capturing member feedback at events to ensure the Women’s network continue to meet the needs of its members.

  • ACCA sector networks manager

  • Astrid Lovelace

    Astrid is the ACCA sector manager for the Women's South East members network and can be contacted using the details provided


    Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7059 5913


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