• Evans Chisala FCCA

    I work in the Public Sector and I decided to get involved with the Sheffield Panel as a way of giving back and promoting the ACCA. I felt that I needed to inspire others at work and in the community by sharing my journey as an ACCA student through to ACCA membership using the network platform. With my varied experience in both corporate and public sectors, I thought it was necessary to share my knowledge and ideas with other panel members, and most importantly to learn from others’ experiences too.

  • Panel members

  • Natalie Brown FCCA

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  • Andrew Cawley FCCA

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  • Brian Pine FCCA

    As a   tax consultant and registered auditor I  developed my own ACCA firm, prior to becoming a university lecturer.    I now thoroughly enjoy a combination of   accountancy teaching   and   consulting activities.  My   engagements   with  ACCA  over  the years   have resulted  in my  family  thinking  that  ’ACCA’  has become part of my  DNA ! So,  it  was   a natural progression  for me  to become a  Panel member to support  the aim  that   all  ACCA  members and students   bond   under the  ACCA banner, and  develop  as individuals  and professionals   -  in whichever walk of life they’re  in

  • Nicola Simpson FCCA

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  • Lip Sy Choo FCCA

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  • Member engagement manager

  • Damian Buchanan

    Damian is the ACCA member engagement manager for the Sheffield members network and can be contacted using the details provided:

    Tel:  +44 (0)7720 037103


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