The corporate sector network is represented by the ACCA corporate sector network panel that consists of 9 volunteer members.  Their details are below


  • Janet Lejjins FCCA

    Janet Lejins became an ACCA member in 1997. She set up her own business in 2016 to share her 30 years’ accounting knowledge and business insights. She coaches business owners to use finance and accounting to grow and expand their businesses. Before Janet set up her business, she worked in a start-up, in SMEs and in a large corporate business. These include a law firm, a global intellectual property consultancy and a technology company. As a Fellow of ACCA, Janet believes that it is important to raise the profile of ACCA as well as to connect with and inspire future generations.

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  • Vice chair

  • Sarah Davies FCCA

    Sarah has been a member of the ACCA Corporate sector network panel for 3 years now. She works for Amazon as a Senior Financial Analyst as part of a Finance and business integrations team working on automation of digital projects. She joined the Panel three years ago as she felt her experience in both large companies and SME’s could help her provide a balanced view and ideas to shape the direction of the panel and activities they put together. Her main motivation of joining the panel was, and remains so, to be able to help other ACCA (members, students and affiliates) with their career paths, building their network and support them along the way.  

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  • Panel members

  • Ashley Smith FCCA

    Nominated to the UK Corporate Panel in 2015 and elected panel chair in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Ashley remains committed to advocating ACCA to new and old members alike. Ashley has chaired, arranged or spoken at numerous panel events and webinars during the past 4 years and sits on the ACCA Strategy Committee. During Ashley’s 30 year career, Ashley has worked in auditing and commerce as well as owning numerous businesses. Ashley remains committed to helping others progress their careers via ACCA. Ashley is a FD for an international design consultancy by day, by night Ashley researches Late Payment towards a PhD, and assisted ACCA in its response to the Government‘s Call For Evidence. It’s not all work though, Ashley is an avid runner completing 25 marathons and 1 ultra-marathon to date. 

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  • Lorraine Weir FCCA

    Lorraine Weir is a professional accountant and works in the construction and cleaning industries. She is a member of ACCA and has been on the Corporate Sector Panel for over four years. She had the privilege to be featured in AB magazine for November/December 2017. Her aim is to motivate the next generation to realise their dreams and potential especially in the accounting field. She is an advocate for ACCA and presently reaches out to colleges and youth groups to bring more awareness of ACCA to these groups. Her next goal is become a governor of one the schools in her area. When she is not on the mission field for ACCA she sings with an amazing group called Mike King Collective (MKC).

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  • Nnenna Anyanwu FCCA

    Nnenna Anyanwu(FCCA, PGCE, ACA, MBA) is a qualified accountant, a qualified teacher, business coach, author and a business advisor. She is the CEO of Brandstad Consulting Ltd. Nnenna advises and supports owner-managed and SME business professionals and charities to help them grow and develop economic sustainability. She is a member of the Corporate Sector panel and was previously a member of the Essex Network panel.

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  • Andy Cristin FCCA

    Andy's bio will be added shortly.

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  • Tanya O'Brien FCCA

    Tanya O’Brien joined ACCA corporate sector panel in 2007 as an observer and in 2012 as a panel member.  Tanya was thrilled to receive an Outstanding Contribution Award from ACCA and to be elected as a panel Vice Chair in 2019. Tanya is proud to be an ACCA member and to contribute towards ACCA strategy and further UK and international development. Tanya represented panel in ACCA professional events, conferences, universities, networking as well as within large corporate sector organisations. Tanya also represented ACCA on technical matters such as narrative reporting, published an article on Key performance indicators in AB magazine.

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  • Trusha Lakhani FCCA

    Trusha Lakhani has been an ACCA member since 1997 and has progressed in her career to Finance Director of an Energy efficiency company, Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd. Here Trusha has been part of the Board helping the company to grow despite the issues facing that niche market. Trusha has also recently started her own business as a virtual FD and coach. In addition, Trusha has been a member of the Leicestershire members’ network panel and is now on the Corporate Sector Network Panel. Trusha is also a Governor of North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College and is enjoying learning and supporting the Further Education sector in her local area.

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  • Amy Godwin ACCA

    Amy's bio will be added shortly.

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  • Member engagement manager

  • Amanda Thurlow

    Amanda is the ACCA member engagement manager for the Corporate Sector members network and can be contacted using the details provided:


    Telephone: +44 (0)844 894 4821


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