• Lee Glover FCCA

    Lee is an experienced internal audit professional who leads the internal audit arm of Haines Watts Chartered Accountants. He has significant non-executive experience including Board Chairman and Chairman of Audit & Risk Commitee roles. Lee is passionate about internal audit and uses his mix of in-house, out-sourced, multi-sector and client side experience to deliver an internal audit service to his clients which meets their assurance needs and reflects the wider remit to ‘consult’, ‘add value’ and ‘improve’ his clients’ operations. He brings the same to the Panel.

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  • Vice chair

  • Claire Pretty FCCA

    Claire has worked as an Internal Auditor in practice and industry for sixteen years. She qualified whilst working for Deloitte and is currently working within the Rail industry as the Head of Business Assurance and Risk at Arriva Rail London. She is proud to be a member of the Internal Audit Network and share her knowledge and learn from the experience of others. Being on Panel provides an excellent opportunity to participate actively in the discourse around internal audit within ACCA.

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  • Panel members

  • Samantha Berry FCCA

    Sam is an experienced Risk and Internal Audit professional working in large, global organisations across a number of sectors. She currently works for NHS Property Services Ltd as their Head of Financial Risk and Governance but has also recent experience working for Lloyds Banking Group as well as a multinational law firm as Head of Risk and Audit. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the value that Risk and Internal Audit can bring to organisations and is keen to help shape the direction which the function and ACCA members can take internal audit forward.  

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  • Neville de Spretter FCCA, Independent Consultant

    As an FCCA who has held senior internal audit and risk management roles in global companies, and today as an internal audit consultant working with clients from all sectors, Neville finds it immensely satisfying to be able to put his ACCA qualification, skills and experience to use as a Panel Member - both to support a professional body that he’s passionate about, and to make a difference to a cause he cares about.  It’s a bonus to meet new and interesting people, with great ideas from diverse backgrounds. The involvement, development and networking on the Panel always enriches his perspectives.

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  • Ifeanyi Okonkwo ACCA

    Ifeanyi is a Financial Reporting Manager, management accountant and CASS SME with a wealth of experience ranging from start-ups to large, established companies. 

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  • Sarah Pumfrett FCCA, Independent Consultant

    Sarah Pumfrett found her career in internal audit by accident.  Over the past two decades, she has worked for Local Government, the oil industry and practice and is currently taking a short career break before tackling her next challenge.  She got involved with ACCA Internal Audit Panel to build the links between her two chartered bodies following the original signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between IIA and ACCA and also to represent the ACCA internal auditors working outside of London and the South East.  She finds the thought leadership and team-working shown by ACCA Panel Members to be exceptional.

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  • Sonia Shah FCCA

    Sonia is a highly experienced Financial Services professional working with a range of Boards and Senior Management in Financial Service firms. She has been involved in developing risk, conduct, culture and Board governance frameworks. Sonia is a key contributor to the panel. She sees internal audit as a critical function and contributor in the world where technology is constantly evolving combined with regulatory changes. The panel has enabled her to meet professionals who share her passion and works collaboratively with them on developing the profession with a business-savy mindset of skills that can be transferred on upward roles in firms.  

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  • James Crockett FCCA

    James Crockett is an Internal Audit Senior Manager at Invesco, a global investment management firm. James remains drawn to the Internal Audit panel for two reasons - firstly to promote the profession, and in doing so shake off common misconceptions. Internal Audit should be viewed as strategically placed, forward thinking and pragmatic. Secondly, to support the profession by responding to its members requests, whether that be through contributing towards events or articles. In return James has broadened his horizons by engaging with people from other industries, and worked through common problems to understand how challenges were surmounted elsewhere.


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    Member networks manager

  • Pat Delbridge

    Pat is the ACCA network manager for the Internal Audit members network and can be contacted using the details provided:


    Tel:  +44 (0)20 7059 5954


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