Facilitating Bring Your Own Device properly requires a fundamental shift in the organisations governance, architecture, platforms and software. In this video, Jay Abbott talks about what an internal auditor needs to know and the solutions available to do BYOD well.

Time stamps (mins/secs)

08.52 – What is BYOD?
10.27 – Key security aspects
20.10 – Risk demonstration
38.02 – There is no halfway
39.32 – Technical considerations
44.01 – Legalities

About the speaker

Jay Abbott is the Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Security Consulting Limited (JustASC) – a specialist security services organisation offering consulting, managed services, penetration testing & training, focussed on improving their client’s ability to manage the cyber threat landscape. 

Jay has over 17 years of industry experience in technology and security. He is a respected keynote speaker who is regularly quoted in the press and a trusted industry expert.