He goes on to explain the attack trends and techniques that criminals are using, how a business can defend itself, and the questions that internal auditors should be asking of their security business and board.

Time stamps (mins/secs)

01.46 – Cyber security in physical terms
03.11 – Evolution of cyber threats
08.17 – Current risk landscape trends
12.00 – Five cyber attack trends
24.52 – Cyber attack techniques used by criminals
28.25 – Cyber security management principles
30.58 – Understanding the five categories of cyber risk
33.00 – Making active risk decisions: the options
35.40 – The security lifecycle and planning for resilience
40.08 – The three building blocks of cyber security
44.47 – In summary: what you can do around each of the cyber security principles.

About the speaker

Dr Darren Brooks leads BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s Cyber Prepare activities for commercial and international customers.

Darren has 15 years’ experience in information security, divided between consultancy and operational management. Before joining BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (then Detica), he led a security consulting business focused on telecoms.

Previously, in roles within the Big 4 and management consultants, he worked with customers in the retail, manufacturing, energy and financial services industries. Darren has successfully delivered security programmes that have enabled his clients to meet business objectives or comply with regulatory requirements.