In this video, Mark Taylor will de-mystify business process improvement, explains its relevance to internal auditors and identify some ‘quick wins’ to take away.

Time stamps (mins/secs)

03.25 - What is Business Process Improvement?
06.07 - History of Business Process Improvement
11.20 - BPI techniques – Seven Wastes of Lean
13.35 - Business Process Improvement in practice
21.27 - What commonly do we find?
26.05 - key themes
28.00 - Project case studies
32.38 - Business Process Improvement and you
36.30 - Process improvement continuum

About the speaker

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is the Head of Consulting for Corporate Markets at RSM and is focused on helping clients to improve performance in their business processes and manage organisational change.

He works with a wide spectrum of organisations - ranging from SMEs to large, listed multinationals but with a particular focus on the middle market.

Mark also has considerable experience of providing internal audit services to clients