• Carl Reader FCCA, Chairman, d&t
    Carl Reader

    Carl is a small business champion and the Chairman of d&t - an award winning mid-tier accountancy practice that specialises in the franchising, retail and tuition sectors. Carl regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines around the world on all aspects of starting and running a practice and is the author of three books - most recently Boss It.

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  • Vice Chair

  • Eriona Bajrakurtaj, FCCA, Managing Director, Major's Accounts & Co Ltd
    Yogesh Patel

    Eriona is the Managing Director of Major’s Accounts, a firm which she has taken over and transformed from a traditional practice to a firm of the future, utilising the latest technology to create an elevated experience for her team and clients alike. The firm services businesses in all sectors and industries, however has a niche in the construction industry.

    Eriona feels she is best placed to represent on issues concerning Practitioners, as not only does she work in the field herself but also works and communicates very closely with other practitioners in the UK and worldwide!

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  • Panel members

  • Alastair Barlow, FCCA, flinder

    Alastair is Chief Dreamer and founder at flinder – an international and multiple award-winning accounting, consulting and data analytics business. He spent 16 years at PwC in various roles across Consulting, Assurance and latterly led PwC My Financepartner in London where he worked with growing SMEs.

    Alastair joined the Panel in 2019 to share his experiences and passion around leveraging technology and data analytics to provide an enriched client experience and greater insight from finance functions run by accounting firms. Alastair is passionate about sharing the relevance of his consulting experience to enable accounting firms to move up the compliance-advisor curve.

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  • Peter Jarman, FCCA, PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants

    Peter is the founder of PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants - an award winning accountancy business that, over the last 30 years, has grown into a 2 partner, 20 employee practice. With a passion for training and developing the next generation of accountants entering the profession, Peter has built an ACCA training programme for new recruits allowing them to gain knowledge and experience they need to become relevant business advisers in the future. He has a keen interest in modernising the way the accountancy business model operates, both in terms of structure and investment, so that it can take advantage of the opportunities on offer in a digital world to build a better business environment for both clients and employees alike.

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  • Sarmad Khan, FCCA, Khan Probate Services Ltd

    Sarmad is currently a member of ACCA UK's West Surrey Network Panel. He is also an Authorised Legal Activities Individual (ALAI)  by ACCA and has also been authorised to carry on reserved legal activty of probate. He aims to make sure that ACCA remains responsive to the issues being faced by sole practitioners so that value-added services are provided to members to enable them to become more proactive, creative, commercial and entreprenerial and be a voice for small practitioners. 

    He is interested in the ways in which the profession evolves and allows SMPs to develop, evolve and become dynamic. He also works at Astons - a global immigration firm offrering residence and citizenship solutions.

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  • Sanjay Sah, FCCA, Managing Director, Makesworth Limited

    Sanjay has over 17 years of experience gained in working with small & medium-sized businesses across various industries. He incorporated Makesworth with a vision of creating a fully digital and client-oriented practice.

    Having worked with business owners ranging from one-man-startup to multi-owner-director companies requiring different levels of services, he is driven by the success of his clients.

    He seeks to make strong professional connections with fellow ACCA members who are enthusiastic and passionate about wanting to make a difference. Sanjay wants to help ACCA shape its future - he wants to give back ACCA for all he has received from this lifelong membership. 

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  • Rupesh Sharma, FCCA, Director, London Accountants

    Rupesh has been working in public practice since 1998. He has gained knowledge and understanding of the accounting profession and practices over the years. He was a member of ACCA’s Croydon panel from 2005 to 2011 and a member of ACCA UK Practitioners’ Panel from 2015 to 2018 and made contributions.

    He is proud to be associated with ACCA and his journey with ACCA has been a very important part of his life. He has diverse experience of working for small and medium size practices seeing the challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses.

    He wants ACCA to continue to be a world leader, respected and a prestigious accounting qualification. He would like to contribute and share with fellow colleagues to continually improve ACCA in public practice.

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  • Gavin Spencer, FCCA, Beach Accountants

    Gavin is based in the North East of England and has experience in industry as well as practice. He is currently the Managing Director of Beach Accountants Limited and has a passion for advisory as well as compliance methods of accounting to see the industry work in real time and futuristic rather than using historical data.

    Gavin is a Gold Certified ACCA employer and an ATOL Reporting Accountant in the Travel Industry. Gavin is a passionate and enthusiastic accountant and tax advisor, presenter and panellist and trainer of all levels of accounting in his practice and beyond.

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  • Sach Yadav, FCCA, Founder, Pennyhills (London)

    Sach has been an ACCA member since 2010 and holds a UK practising certificate. He has supported a number of businesses through Covid-19, helping them navigate through the minefield of government support, help and grants. Equally he has grown his practice and has taken Covid-19 as an opportunity for growth.

    He wants to reduced the expectations gap on how accountants are seen and help improve the position ACCA accountants have and be seen as the go to experts.

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  • Sectors and communities manager

  • Pat Delbridge

    Pat is the ACCA sectors and communities manager for the Practice community and can be contacted at

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How you are supported

Comprising around 24,000 members working in public practice throughout the UK, the Practitioners’ Network supports you in a variety of ways:

  • Magazine

    We publish a monthly e-magazine, In Practice, which is automatically emailed to you. This contains news and features on the key issues affecting those in public practice, as well as the latest news on relevant ACCA activities, facilities and publications. If you do not automatically receive it in your inbox then you can subscribe here.

  • Facilities/services

    ACCA UK offers a portfolio of ACCA-branded products, together with specially negotiated discounts on a range of external products to help practitioners manage their practices more effectively. These include professional indemnity insurance cover and a legal helpline. 

    For more information, visit our member support services page.

  • Technical advice

    Our Technical Advisory Service provides advice to practitioners on a wide range of topics. This includes offering comment and analysis on key issues such as the use of disclaimers in audit reports, and issuing detailed technical factsheets on important issues.

    For more information, visit our technical activities and advice pages.

  • Practising certificates

    You can only perform work under our definition of public practice if you hold a practising certificate from ACCA. Similarly, any practices involved in training students and members towards receiving a practising certificate should be registered and monitored by ACCA.

    For more information, visit our practising certificate page.

  • The ACCA logo

    Using our logo on your stationery and website provides both a stamp of authority and degree of reassurance. As an ACCA member, you’re entitled to download the logo from myACCA

    Window stickers featuring our logo are also available for your practice. Just ask your Sectors & Communities manager for a supply.

  • Joint networking

    To find out what’s happening in your sector-specific network and surrounding areas, please search our resource finder for networking events near you.

    Got a question? Please email the member networks manager and don’t forget to follow @ACCACPD_Events on Twitter for all the latest news and information on CPD and events.