• Chibuzo Okpala FCCA

    I started off observing at the Public Sector Panel meetings for many years, and then joined the Panel in 2016. I joined to contribute to ACCA’s impact on the Public sector, and in particular the not-for-profit part. Having worked in the charitable sector, I help the ACCA develop further ideas, strategies and knowledge base which will enhance the skills and professionalism of ACCA members in the public sector, and the not-for-profit part of the corporate sector.

    The involvement with the Panel has definitely improved my insight and belief in the impact ACCA can have on the professional accountancy sector.

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  • Vice Chair

  • Edith Yembra FCCA

    Edith is Director of Finance & IT at North London YMCA, FCCA and holds ACCA Diploma in Internal Financial Reporting Standards.  She holds an MSc in charity accounting and financial management, from London South Bank University. Edith is passionate about contributing to the Public and Central London network panels and believes her involvement with ACCA in determining the direction of the networks are pivotal. She will bring a diverse skillset to the panels. Edith has extensive experience in the charity sector.  Her goal is to give something back to the next generation of accountants

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  • Panel members

  • Anna Mylvaganam FCCA
    Anna Mylvaganam

    As an Accountant it is a prestige to be a member of the ACCA and its Public Sector Network Panel. Anna joined the Public Sector Network Panel, with an aim to actively contribute / Share whatever knowledge and expertise she is having, to take the profession to the next level and to serve the community at large. She believes that by taking part in the activities of the panel can create a meaningful professional relationship between the members of the ACCA, which is vital to professional development.

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  • Janet Perry FCCA
    Janet Perry

    Janet is Chair of Governors at Colchester Royal Grammar School, as well as being a Trustee at two further organisations within Education and one organisation within Health, enabling her to bring a broad public sector perspective from both Health and Education.

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  • Angela Ireland FCCA
    Angela Ireland

    Angela is Head of Estates Finance at University of London.

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  • Lucy Lee FCCA
    Lucy Lee

    I work in the Public Sector for the Civil Service.  I became involved in the panels as I wanted to help shape the future of ACCA for its members.  Being on two panels and chair of the West Midlands panel is challenging but gives me a broader network and involvement in topics that are focussed on the industry and region I work in. 

    ACCA is a forward thinking organisation always striving for to be the best for its members, and  I am grateful for the opportunities I have through my involvement.

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  • Jessica McKinlay FCCA
    Jessica McKinlay

    Jessica is Head of Finance at VIVO Defence Services.

    Jess brings valuable experience to the Public Sector panel, having worked across the boundary between public and private sector over the last thirteen years; beginning as a student in the NHS, Jess then moved to a local rail provider, operating a contract on behalf of the passenger transport executive in the Liverpool region. Following that, she worked for a major events venue on the Liverpool Waterfront whose sole shareholder is Liverpool City Council. As of January 2022, Jess works for a new entity created to operate facilities management contracts across many MOD sites. In all her roles, Jess has had to bring commercial private sector perspectives to public sector contracts, maximising the value of the public pound and often competing with other private entities. Jess has been an active member of the Liverpool Regional ACCA panel for the past five years with a particular focus on advocacy.

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  • Steph Beeston-Clarke FCCA
    Steph Beeston-Clarke

    Steph is Director at Beeston-Clarke Accountants.

    Having worked alongside charities for the past 26 years, after some major life changes I decided a couple of years ago to specialise in working just with the not-for-profit sector. I have been an ACCA member for 20 years and I absolutely love working with small charities (under £1m income) to help them 'get it right'. I'm passionate about helping the tiniest of charities gain access to someone who can answer their finance questions and run a monthly online event to provide such a forum, with guest speakers each month on all things charity related, not just finance.

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  • Claire Jenkins FCCA
    Claire Jenkins

    I am a Forensic Accountant within the Public Sector. I got involved within the panel as I am proud to be an ACCA qualified accountant and wanted to feed into the future of my profession. 

    Joining the panel, of which I am now Chairman, has enabled me to be a part of shaping the profession going forward and ensuring that we remain relevant and current for those members who work in the Public Sector as a whole. It also enables me to meet fellow Public Sector accountants and other ACCA members who are panel members, including members across the globe.

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  • Sectors and communities manager

  • Astrid Lovelace

    Astrid is the ACCA sectors and communities manager for the Public sector network and can be contacted using the details provided


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