AMLCC Logo Master 2019


AMLCC is built specifically for the UK accountancy sector and specifically for Anti-Money Laundering compliance and risk management.

Please don’t confuse AMLCC with online client identity verification providers. Identity verification is available within AMLCC but, is only a small part of the AMLCC features.

AMLCC is an online set of AML tools that will speed up your AML compliance and improve your risk management. AMLCC was born online.

Formed in response to the 2007 AML regulations and thoroughly updated for the 2017 regulations, AMLCC has over 5,000 UK users and growing by the day.

AMLCC is updated in line with guidance and legislation with the next major update expected following the transposition of the 5th EU Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) in to UK law.

Education is a key theme and starts with the training videos and continues through to the firm policy, firm risk assessment and individual client risk assessments. Guidance and mitigation steps are also included within the risk assessments questions.

AMLCC Features:

  • Editable template for your firm policy (including your firm’s services)
  • Firm risk assessment (including guidance and mitigation steps) 
  • Client risk assessments (including guidance and mitigation steps) 
  • Audit Trail 
  • Document Storage and Management 
  • Firm Wide Training 
  • Internal Suspicious Activity Reporting 
  • Online Downloadable Manual 
  • Includes MLRO/MLCP (person responsible for AML compliance) plus three staff 
  • No client number limits 
  • Bulk upload of clients available 
  • Risk mitigation function to reduce client risk level