Our partnership with the Buying Support Agency (BSA) provides a purchasing support service that offers reduced price and improved service deals on a wide range of overhead costs, delivering significantly lower pricing and service quality that is usually only available to the largest businesses.

Our focus is on using economies of scale and our knowledge of purchasing best practice to meet the purchasing needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Benefits of membership

  • Free Membership (saving 1,068GBP plus VAT per annum)
  • Cut your business costs by up to 58% across 24 cost categories
  • Saves you time - let us worry about ensuring you have low prices
  • Gives you peace of mind that we are constantly monitoring the service performance levels of BSA Buying Group supply partners 
  • No time restrictions on membership
  • You keep control of the day-to-day management of the suppliers
  • You get brownie points from your directors!

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler. For more details on how the BSA can save your company money by smarter purchasing practices and reduced costs, call the BSA direct on 0800 254 0344 and quote ACCA.

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Cost categories

Gas and electricity Telecoms Stationery
Business rates IT support Waste recycling
Professional services Parcel courier services Expenses management
Document mail solutions Travel booking Photocopiers and archiving
Commercial insurance Life and health cover Workwear
Cleaning supplies Vehicle fleet Fuel
White goods Catering Credit card fees
Packaging Eco buying Office furniture
This offer is only available to ACCA members.

*Terms and conditions apply. While the BSA makes no warranty or representation and expressly disclaims any warranty or representation, that it will achieve or offer members the lowest market prices for the goods or services in question, it is able to deliver significant cost savings for the vast majority of members who use the service. You are under no obligation to use BSA’s approved suppliers. BSA will demonstrate the cost savings first, before you decide to progress.