ACCA Level 7 Professional Accountant apprenticeship

What is our Level 7 apprenticeship?

The Professional Accountant Apprenticeship includes our flagship professional accountancy qualification and trains you to understand complex business issues as well as all areas of accountancy and financial analysis. As a professional accountant, you’ll be a respected leader in accountancy, taxation, finance and business. You’ll provide strategic business advice and lead organisations and people to make responsible and sustainable financial decisions.

The apprenticeship is equivalent to Master's degree level and focuses on real-life work scenarios and uses the latest technologies to ensure that you're ready for the workplace. You’ll also develop transferable skills including English and Maths to progress your career.

What subjects does the apprenticeship cover?

You’ll study ACCA’s Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills modules, which include all areas of accounting, reporting and management, as well as our Strategic Professional Level exams, where you can start to specialise in your chosen area. You’ll have interactive lessons, access to a tutor and an online community of fellow students.

You’ll also take ACCA’s Ethics and Professional Skills module where you’ll develop the important ethical behaviour and judgement required for the modern business world.

Development areas

Along with accounting knowledge, you’ll also gain invaluable skills in the following areas:

  • relationship building
  • communication
  • leadership
  • ethics and integrity
  • problem solving and decision making
  • sdding value
  • proactivity
  • professional scepticism

How is the apprenticeship structured?

To get an idea of how our apprenticeship is structured, download our diagram (PDF, 25 KB)

You’ll work, study and take exams, and be assessed and mentored by an experienced professional, and keep a log showing what you’ve learned.

You’ll gain the technical knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the Level 7 apprenticeship standard, which has been set by employers in the accountancy and finance industry.

The apprenticeship consists of two main elements, the on-programme assessment and the end-point assessment.

The programme:

  • takes a minimum of 12 months to complete, however it’s anticipated that apprentices will typically complete it in 36 months
  • is flexible and you can enter the programme at various stages dependent on prior qualifications and work experience
  • dedicates around 20% of your working hours on learning and training, both with your employer and their training provider
  • provides online learning support in the form of interactive lessons, access to a tutor and an online community of fellow students
  • provides you with a salary while you learn
  • has an end-point assessment, which is ACCA’s Strategic Business Leader exam and a project report

End-point assessment

As part of the end-point assessment, you’ll take ACCA’s Strategic Business Leader exam.

This is an innovative case study involving key competencies from strategy, leadership, governance and risk, to innovation and performance management. It uses real-world scenarios are used to set you challenges that require you to blend your technical, professional and ethical skills in your response.

Degree options

With ACCA’s unique partnerships, you can also study for an optional BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and an MSc in Professional Accounting from the University of London.