How the ACCA Qualification develops career-zone expertise

Where resources are increasingly constrained and where business models are increasingly disrupted, value is created in different ways and across multi-capitals. The sustainability champion is at the heart of the future of performance management in the organisation, playing a key role in establishing frameworks that capture, measure and report on the activities that truly drive value, and in ways which are much more meaningful and transparent to the outside world.

From shareholders to stakeholders, they are essential in helping business transform from accounting for the balance sheet to accounting for the entire business as non-financial reporting frameworks evolve to include more reporting such as sustainability reports or requirements for integrated reporting.

Competencies needed by the sustainability trailblazer

Sustainability trailblazers will need the well-rounded skills provided by the ACCA Qualification, with particular emphasis on the competency areas highlighted:

ACCA Qualification diagram showing all of key competencies making up the qualification. Assurance advocates need to focus, in particular, on the 'Audit and Assurance' and 'Governance, Risk and Control' competencies

These competences are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in the exams, ethics and experience components of the qualification.

Reflecting the increasing complexity of the global regulatory and compliance environment and the growing demands from different stakeholders, Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) is a core exam of the ACCA Qualification. This exam emphasises the need for reliable business and corporate reporting on issues that extend beyond the traditional financial statements, which provide a richer picture of organisational capability and performance.  

The ACCA Qualification continues to develop a deep understanding of all aspects of financial management and performance management. Strategic Business Reporting is seen as one of the most progressive advanced exams available and is a core exam for all ACCA students.  While management accounting is firmly embedded in the ACCA Qualification students also have the option to specialise at Strategic Professional. The skills developed through ACCA’s performance management and financial management exams are both critical skills for the sustainability trailblazer.

Understanding how to manage data and take advantage of the possibilities which digital technologies uncover, moral dilemmas become more complex. That’s why we put ethics at the heart of the qualification, in our exams and through our Ethics and Professional Skills module which embed the ethical values and professional skills that will establish frameworks that capture, measure and report on activities in a transparent manner.

Strategic and leadership skills are developed through exams such as Strategic Business Leader, which support the sustainability trailblazers role in seeking emerging opportunities. The stakeholder relationship capabilities developed throughout the Strategic Professional exams mean students are able to collaborate and communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders to align the pursuit of profit and pursuit of purpose.

The competences required to meet the demands of this role are developed throughout the ACCA Qualification in exams, ethics and experience.