We are living in a world driven by and loaded with data, and there’s no doubt data is revolutionising businesses. Businesses both big and small are using big data, and the insights gained from analysing big data is helping businesses gain an advantage. By 2020 there will be a 4,300% increase in annual data generated by individuals and companies. Success in the future will have an increasing dependence on how effectively companies use big data analytics. Despite the hype around big data, people in organisations still don’t understand data related buzz words.
So what is big data? Join the ACCA / Nelson Croom webinar in partnership with InterWorks to find out:

  • what is big data?
  • what are the technologies involved?
  • how data travels through the big data ecosystem
  • and how relevant it is to financial professionals.


Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis is a chartered accountant with ACCA. Sam started his career in practice but has worked in industry for the last seven years. The last four years Sam has worked at a leading data consultancy firm specialising in using business intelligence software for data insight and analysis. His current role as Head of Operations and Finance covers many non-financial aspects but reporting financial performance remains core to his role.