The new FinTech track is a bundle containing ACCA content designed to set you on the right track to broaden your knowledge of digital technology related to finance and accounting. The track consists of three online courses* in machine learning, robotics and cyber security, plus bonus content in the form of podcasts, videos and webinars.

Complete the content and earn 21 CPD units, your annual verifiable CPD requirement.

Special discounted price - members and non-members save with this bundle.

Track content:
Bonus content
  • Technology and the data landscape webinar
  • Impact of blockchain webinar
  • SMP pacesetter videos
  • Digital accountant podcasts
  • Finance: a journey into the future podcasts
  • Machine learning podcast

You can earn certificates as you pass each online course and the bonus content. You can also reflect on your learning and answer questions about what you have learnt.

Key information

  • 21 CPD hours available
  • Special discount for ACCA members
  • Over six hours of bonus content available
  • *If you have already purchased one of the FinTech online courses separately, this course will automatically be included in your track, and you will not need to start the course again.