In this follow-up webinar, Beng Huan will present a brief recap on the importance of emotions in our day-to-day work lives as well as skills of emotional intelligence which was covered in greater depth and explore its relevance in leadership - whether you are a leader at any level or wish to understand the importance of EI in relating to people in life and in the workplace.

Key features

By attending, you will learn:

  • an introduction to the EI skills for leadership
  • the types of awareness that is key to emotional intelligent leadership
  • effective and authentic expression in feedback and in conflicts
  • the use of emotions in decision-making
  • strategies for remaining centred and “maintaining your cool”.


Tey Beng Huan

Beng Huan is an occupational psychologist working in the Singapore office of OPRA Consulting Group. OPRA is a company that applies industrial and organisational psychology to help organisations develop employee and organisational potential.

BH is a member of the British and Singapore Psychological Societies, and is also a registered qualified test user with the BPS. In his professional work, he consults on talent management solutions for clients, runs psychometric testing and surveys, trains and develops individuals and groups, including coaching on coping or performance issues. In addition, he also teaches psychology modules as an associate faculty at various tertiary institutions in Singapore.