Change is inexorable, disruptive and often frightening; it is also usually badly led.

According to a study by the Said Business School at Oxford, 65-70% of change projects globally fail, leading to losses of billions of dollars. And, six of the nine reasons for failure were related to people.

Our teams look to us to equip and guide them through change. In other words, lead!

So, where are things going wrong?

Through this webinar, we shall explore the overlap between leadership, communication and successful change. We will be polling participants throughout, and a summary of responses will be shared with everyone who attended. 

At the end of this webinar, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • the real reason people are afraid of change
  • how to develop a culture which embraces change
  • why integrity matters
  • integrating cross-functional teams quickly
  • why leaders need to coach through change
  • how to arrive at a negotiated response to change.


Ashim Kumar, FCCA, MBA, FRSA

As a business leader and consultant, Ashim has worked with large multi-nationals including the ‘Big 4’, BAT, Unilever and IKEA, as well as smaller firms. He has led companies and delivered services across Europe, Asia and the Middle-East for over 25 years. This experience has shaped a global mindset. 

He merges extensive practical experience with exceptional communication skills to deliver comprehensive workshops and executive coaching services to partners.

Ashim is a certified leadership coach, and heads up the leadership module on an AMBA-accredited MBA programme in Poland.

He is CEO of AKA Lead, whose philosophy is to enable measurable improvement through a sustained change in performance.