ACCA responds to General Election 2019 result

Following the result of the General Election, Helen Brand OBE, chief executive of ACCA said:

‘A general election was called to break the deadlock in Westminster, and a government with a working majority can now progress towards resolving this impasse.

'It’s important that this deadlock is broken and ACCA urges the government and parliamentarians in general to act in the national interest in order to get back to the domestic political agenda. Namely building an economy that is inclusive, innovative and sustainable.

‘Thousands of ACCA practitioners are concerned over the flow of goods and services to and from Ireland. Our latest research points to a sharp fall in economic confidence both in the United Kingdom and particularly in Ireland.

‘The government must provide the vital support SMEs require to tackle late payment and unfair contract terms. It comes at a time where Brexit continues to provide such uncertainty.

‘We will be writing to the Prime Minister and key cabinet members outlining what we regard as areas of fundamental importance. ACCA will continue to liaise with our stakeholders and monitoring the progression of the current Brexit deal.’

- ends -

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