Brexit: what does 31st January mean for ACCA, our members and our students?

From 1 February 2020 the UK will no longer be part of the European Union and will enter a period of transitional arrangements.

Since the Brexit vote in 2016, ACCA has kept its various stakeholders, including members, students and employers, updated on key developments.

Given this new operating environment, we commit to updating you on a timely basis with relevant information.

On our website, we address some of the key issues with pointers to further information about Brexit at this initial stage. Here you can find related technical factsheets and news items.

Relevant and in demand

Brexit is not just about the UK and the EU. It is an issue which has implications for the global economy, and as a global organisation, we realise many of our members, students and stakeholders across the world will be wondering how Brexit will impact them.

It’s important to acknowledge that the ACCA Qualification and the ACCA designation remain relevant and in demand on the global stage, and of course in Europe.

Indeed, as negotiations progress, we believe that professional accountants will play a critical and strategic role in Brexit developments, bringing much needed stability and innovation to business and society.

Acting in the public interest

Our relationships with the UK government, the EU and our global partners are strong. Throughout the Brexit process, ACCA has been involved in high-level discussions in both Westminster and Brussels over the movement of goods and services, recognition of regulatory frameworks and qualifications, and access to talent. We’ll continue to actively promote common global standards, open access to the profession, and shared recognition of professional accountants across international borders to policy makers and governments.

We’ll also continue to emphasise that it’s vital that the UK continues to trade and collaborate with Europe and the rest of the world in an open and positive way, fit for the 21st century global economy.

What happens next?

New regulations and laws will be introduced in the coming months and as negotiations progress about the UK’s role in the EU, we’ll keep you informed of any issues relating to the accountancy profession.

We’ll continue to work closely with the UK government and the EU to ensure we are ready to issue practical guidance as soon as possible during this time of change. But in the meantime, please do visit our website to find out more.

Helen Brand OBE
Chief executive ACCA


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