Learning support for session CBEs

We have a full range of resources for session CBEs, which will help you prepare and feel comfortable taking exams in this format.

We recommend you use all these resources ahead of taking a session CBE, particularly the specimen exams. These allow you to practise answering questions in the CBE style.

Specific support for session CBEs

Finding out about session CBEs

A full specimen exam for each subject

PM specimenTX specimenFR specimenAA specimenFM specimen
PM videoTX videoFR videoAA videoFM video

CBE question debrief videos

PM videoTX videoFR videoAA videoFM video

Getting ready for question practice

If you would like to try out the CBE functionality before attempting questions

Access constructed response workspace

This contains blank answer spaces, the Step by Step exercises below are designed for you to follow through and they will lead you through all of the main aspects of the exam functionality.

Access the word processing exercise

Access the spreadsheet exercise

Question practice

Past exams

PM past examsTX past examsFR past examsAA past examsFM past exams

Additional constructed response questions
We have additional constructed response questions within our specimen exam pages for you to practice more word and spreadsheet style questions.

PM additional questionsTX additional questionsFR additional questionsAA additional questionsFM additional questions

BPP question practice platform

Similar to our live exam environment, use this platform in conjunction with your approved content provider's question and answer bank. A similar resource as a constructed response workspace, however this platform also allows you to save and send your answers to your tutor for marking.  

Access BPP question practice platform

Final exam preparation

Full exam-style CBE mock exams, written by our Approved Content Providers and reviewed by the Examining Teams.

BPP/Kaplan CBE mocks
Access BPP and Kaplan CBE mocks