Continuity of practice – new search facility

ACCA has developed a search tool to enable members in the UK and Ireland to find firms prepared to provide continuity of practice arrangements.

The search tool is located in the Directory of Business Advisers section of ACCA’s website. At present we are focusing on building up a number of firms who are interested in participating.

To participate in the scheme and offer your firm as a potential continuity partner, your firm must contain at least one ACCA practising certificate holder. To confirm your agreement to participate in the scheme please download the form from 'Related documents', complete and return it to: 

110 Queen Street
United Kingdom
G1 3BX

Fax: +44 (0) 141 534 4237


ACCA is unable to recommend specific firms and will not get involved in drawing up continuity of practice agreements, but guidance is available in the technical factsheet about continuity of practice arrangements, downloadable from 'Related documents', which also contains copies of ACCA's model agreements.  

Members are strongly recommended to seek independent legal advice when drawing up a continuity agreement. The agreement will be legally enforceable upon the parties. It is, therefore, important that all parties are clear in their understanding of their responsibilities under the agreement, and that the document records accurately all matters agreed by the parties. 

Further advice can be obtained from Technical Advisory on 020 7059 5920.