Making tax digital

ACCA is continuing to engage with the government over its plans to make HMRC a fully digital system by 2020

Thank you for the comments received to date on ‘Making tax digital’.

The government is continuing with its plans to introduce a fully digital system by 2020.

ACCA continues to engage with government across a whole host of areas, and we have been raising this issue on your behalf in our meetings with ministers and MPs. 

On 25 January a debate was held in parliament and the government was keen to argue that the quarterly reports are not returns.

HMRC has stated that this is not ‘the equivalent of four returns a year’. However, in practice, many taxpayers are likely to want or need to complete a fifth submission, the annual return, in order to confirm or correct their position. 

You can find an update on the debate, the recent HMRC events for agents (that ACCA believes were far too few in number) and consultations as they are announced on the website.

The update includes comments on the following areas:

  • a quarterly return not being a ‘full’ return
  • is this all going too fast?
  • HMRC – its phone service and the £1.3bn cost to the taxpayer 
  • penalties
  • accounting adjustments for stock and work in progress
  • tax payment dates 
  • broadband 
  • voluntary introduction
  • what ACCA is doing.

You can continue to send your views to with a subject line ‘Making tax digital’.