4. On exam day

We'd like your exam to go as smoothly as possible. To have a successful exam experience, check our guidance on what you should do in advance of your exam and what to expect on the day itself.

Your desk setup and equipment

Before exam day you should make sure your equipment, internet connectivity and exam environment meets the rules and requirements laid out in Section 1 : "Before you book".

On exam day, it's important that you use the same location, equipment and connectivity that you used previously to successfully complete these checks. If your computer or internet access has had any upgrades since running these checks, you should complete these again to ensure the upgrades do not affect how the exam runs on the day. 

How to launch your exam

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Exam day and launching your exam

The link to launch your exam will appear in 'Your Plan' within Exam Planner at 00:00 (BST) on the day of the exam.  To access 'Your Plan', log into myACCA, select ‘book an exam’, and select ‘Your Plan’.  

Once you click the ‘begin’ button, you will be prompted to download some invigilation software and enter your phone number. In the event of any technical issues arising during the exam which cannot be resolved through the online chat, the invigilator will attempt to contact you by phone.

For exam security purposes you will then be prompted to take some pictures of yourself, your ID and your environment. You can then upload them, preferably using your mobile phone, by following the on-screen instructions. As soon as the check in process is complete, make sure your phone is out of arms reach.

When you should launch your exam

You will only be able to launch your exam 30 minutes before your exam start time and please be aware it can take up to 15 minutes to complete this process. It's important to be ready to start your exam on time, as you will not be able to start the launch process 15 minutes after your scheduled exam start time.

Make sure you close all other applications 

Before launching your exam you should fully close all applications using your task manager to avoid exam disruption (using Ctrl-Alt-Del for PC users, or Command-Option-Esc for Mac users). 

Comfort breaks during your remote exam

You can take one bathroom break of up to 5 minutes during the exam. If you require a comfort break you should 

1) Request a chat with your invigilator by clicking the speech bubble at the top of your screen.  

2) Once the invigilator has opened up the chatbox, you should tell them that you are leaving your desk to use the bathroom. You do not need to wait for their response before leaving your desk. 

3) Once you've returned use the chat function again to let the invigilator know you have returned. They may wish to verify your ID once you return.

The exam is not paused during a comfort break and the exam timer will continue to run.

After your exam

All students who attempt their exam will have their answers sent to ACCA within 72 hours of completion.  For piece of mind, this confirmation is displayed as 'Exam attempted' within Your Plan once it has been received by ACCA.

Check your exam has been submitted video

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If you experience a technical issue

We recommend familiarising yourself with our troubleshooting guidance in advance of your exam to minimise the risk of technical issues disrupting your exam day. The guidance includes information on how to contact us if technical issues have either impacted your performance or meant you have been unable to complete your exam.

Visit our troubleshooting guidance page

If you have any further questions about what you need to do on exam day please visit our frequently asked questions.

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That’s all you need to do to benefit from the convenience of ACCA Remote Exams. If you haven't booked your exam already, you can do so via the Exam Planner.