An accounting apprenticeship is the start of your career journey. You could go on to become an ACCA member, who are some of the most highly sought-after finance professionals in the world.


What will you get with ACCA?


Accountancy could be your route to working at the top of an organisation. As well as a challenging and rewarding job, a career in finance offers opportunity and excellent financial reward.


Finance professionals play an important role in every organisation. Working in a role which contributes to the success of an organisation will make you a respected business professional.


No matter what your passions are, choosing accountancy means you can follow your dreams. This is because finance professionals work in every industry, including those you’re interested in. So wherever you want to work, choosing accounting and finance means you’ll be in demand with employers everywhere.

What you get from an ACCA apprenticeship

For a quick overview of the benefits, take a look at our ACCA Apprenticeship infographic (.png format, 69 KB).

ACCA is a globally respected name that future employers take seriously.

Transferable skills


Every organisation deals with finance-related issues. And every organisation needs people who are trained to use financial expertise to shape business strategy and inform decisions about investment and growth.

The skills you get from an ACCA Apprenticeship can be used across all kinds of industry. Or you could use them to help run your own business.

Paid to learn


A trainee accountant salary ranges from around £15k and can rise quickly through your evolving career.

You get paid to learn new skills, earning a wage while you gain experience. 

Our qualifications are recognised in more than 180 countries, so you'll have job options all over the world.

If you want the opportunity to travel with your career, our apprenticeship is right for you.

Your world-class training also includes options to go on to achieve:

  • a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting
  • an MSc in Professional Accountancy
  • our full ACCA Qualification and become an ACCA member

You'll gain great skills from the apprenticeship on its own but if you want to take your finance career to another level, we've got options for that too.

Life balance


Work, study, live.

As an apprentice, you’ll have time and money to enjoy life outside of work.

A broad education


You’ll develop a wide range of valuable business, finance and accounting skills that extend beyond just reading the numbers.

Job security


With support, mentoring and a minimum of 12 months’ commitment, this is your chance to focus on development.

Employers are investing in you and your future. As you grow, their business does too.

No debt


Unlike university, your apprenticeship costs you and your family nothing.

You won't have to worry about student loan repayments. You can start your finance career debt free.

Your career will be developing fast, before your peers at university have even started.

You’ll have access to an online network of fellow students, and if you choose to continue studying with us, we can also help you with future career opportunities, both at home and abroad.

What's a career through ACCA like?

If you're curious about what it's like to become an ACCA member and what your career might look like, check out our member stories.

Last updated: 19 Feb 2018