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ACCA operates over 400 examination centres in more than 170 countries at each examination session. Special facilities can be arranged for students with additional requirements, and where appropriate - for example in remote areas - ACCA will consider requests to set up alternative examination centres.

You can download the full exam centre lists from the related documents section of this page.  Please note that the availability of examination centres is subject to change.


It is possible to arrange paper-based exams at centres other than those listed in the exam centre database for the June and December exam sessions. These are referred to as special centres.  To request to sit your examination at an unlisted special centre you must submit your request and full examination entry to us by emailing with Centre not listed as your subject field by the early entry closing date.

It is only possible for ACCA to arrange special centres if we are satisfied that the same standards of facilities and invigilation that exist at our regular centres will be available. If it is not possible for us to arrange an exam sitting at the location you have requested, you will be offered the opportunity to sit your exams at the nearest regular exam centre. You will then receive an email confirming your exam entry and any payment instructions that are required from you. 


Please note that if you are taking examinations at a special centre you will be required to pay any additional local invigilation and accommodation fees involved which are normally paid directly to the Exam Supervisor in advance of the exam date.

Last updated: 10 Mar 2015

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