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Study and revision support

A number of great resources have been created to provide guidance and support in your exams as you Prepare to Pass. ACCA provides these resources as study and revision aids and they do not represent a complete set of learning materials. Students are advised to study with an approved learning partner or if self-studying, choose materials from an approved content partner. Find out more about your study options


When planning your studies, you should make use of the following resources:

  • Syllabus and study guide – Find out what you need to know for each exam so you can plan your studies.
  • Examiners’ approach articles and interviews - using these at the start of your studies will help you understand the focus of the exam by concentrating on the exam structure, question style and exam technique, preparing you to pass the exam.
  • Technical articles – articles and videos to help you develop broader insights into the subject, so you’re confident about more challenging areas of the syllabus.
  • Examiners’ reports and Analysis interviews - want to know how people performed on exams? You can get constructive feedback on previous exams helping you refine your revision and prepare for your exam.

The Examiners’ reports and Examiner’s Analysis interviews are useful towards the end of your studies once you are familiar with the syllabus and format of exam.


As you prepare for sitting your exams, you should use the following resources to help you focus on how to apply your knowledge in exam-like conditions. The key to revision and exam success is question practice, using exam style questions.

  • Specimen exams and past papers – use to familiarise yourself with the exam format and practice answering exam style questions
  • Practice Tests (available for al exams that you can sit by CBE: FA1, MA1, FA2, MA2, FAB, FMA and FFA)  - practice makes perfect and even better you get personalised feedback diagrams highlighting your strengths and weaknesses so you can refine your revision.

You will find each of the resources above by navigating to the exam you are studying for within this section.

After the exams

If you study any of the Foundation-level qualifications and want a certificate as proof of the exams you have completed, you are required to complete Foundations in Professionalism. This is an online, interactive module, designed to help you develop your understanding of what it means to act professionally and ethically in the work you carry out.

Please note

ACCA reviews and refreshes its syllabus annually. For full details please access the syllabuses and study guides for the paper you are interested in.

Important notice

Please note that we do not permit, under any circumstances, the unauthorised copying, reproduction or translation of ACCA qualifications.

For further details, please read our copyright statement.





Last updated: 12 Jan 2015

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