Talent development

Attract, recruit, develop and manage the best industry talent.

People create a practice


People deal with people, not practices. Here you will find videos, reports and webinar links to expert advice from top industry recruiters on how you can attract, recruit, develop and manage people to become some of the best talent in the accountancy sector.

ACCA Careers

With over 140,000 monthly users, ACCA Careers is the global employability site where you can recruit ACCA members and find information dedicated to small and medium-sized practices like yours.


Attracting and recruiting talent


Discover what you can do to ensure the world’s best accountancy and finance talent are attracted to work within your practice.

Developing talent


Learn how trust, clear directions and clear learning and development goals are some key factors in how to develop your team to become invaluable members of your practice.

Talent management and wellbeing

Your people are your most important asset. Hear from top performance coaches and industry professionals about how to support the wellbeing of your teams

ACCA Careers

Gain access to some of the world’s best and brightest finance and accountancy talent on the ACCA Job Board.