Transfer to our register of retired members

If you've been a member for 30 years or more and are now permanently retired from professional work, you can ask to be put on our register of members in retirement. Do this and you’ll go on enjoying all the usual privileges of membership, such as use of our designatory letters and the right to vote at General Meetings.

Our register of retired members is for those who’ve retired fully and permanently, not for anyone still earning an income from employment. You can only hold a practising certificate or insolvency licence while on the register if you transferred before 1 January 1998 and held a practising certificate or insolvency licence on 31 December 1997.

Download the membership in retirement form (PDF, 36kb)

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Transfer to the retired list requires the payment of one final commutation fee. Thereafter, no further subscription fees need to be paid for life. The commutation fee is separate from the annual subscription: a previously paid annual subscription cannot be used as the commutation fee.

Between 1 January and 31 March, you can pay one final commutation fee. This is the same price as the annual subscription for that year.

If you were to apply for retirement between 1 April and 31 December, you would be required to pay the above commutation fee, in addition to the annual subscription for that year.

 Visit our fees and charges pages for details of current rates.

Download the membership in retirement form (PDF, 36kb) for more information. 

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Transferring for health or personal reasons

Occasionally, members want to transfer to the retired list for health or other personal reasons before they’ve met the usual conditions.

If this sounds like you, please include an explanation along with your application and commutation fee. We’ll return your commutation fee if your application isn’t successful.

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Returning to professional work

Please let us know if you return to professional work, whether full-time or part-time, once you’re on the retired list. This might mean returning to the active list.

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Honorary work (unpaid)

We want you to be able to go on using your skills after you’ve retired. This might be to make a contribution to your local community or to help relatives, friends or neighbours as a favour. If you’re on the retired list, you don’t need to have a practising certificate or insolvency licence to undertake 'honorary' (ie unpaid) tasks falling within the definition of public practice for small charities, voluntary bodies and individuals so long as:

  • the annual gross income/turnover of each individual charity, body or individual you’re working for doesn’t exceed £100,000;
  • the combined gross annual income/turnover for all charities, bodies and individuals you’re working for doesn’t exceed £200,000;
  • you don’t accept any fee or other ‘significant benefit’ for the work; and
  • the charities or bodies you’re working for aren’t limited liability companies or other entities requiring an audit by a registered auditor.

'Significant benefit' is a non-monetary gift worth more than £50 in value. Accepting an 'inflated' expenses payment in relation to the work would also be a breach of this provision.

Lastly, please don’t produce business stationery for this work which looks as though it comes from a practising firm.

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Working in excess of limits

If you want to carry out work that exceeds the income/turnover limits mentioned above, please apply to the Council's Admissions and Licensing Committee. A waiver is unlikely to be granted unless not doing so would cause considerable inconvenience to the charity, body or individual you’re doing the work for.

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Compliance with our bye-laws and regulations

Our bye laws and regulations still apply to the retired list, so please let us know if you change address, for example.

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ACCA publications, societies and networks

Once you’re on the retired list, you’ll typically only receive our Annual Report and Notice of the Annual General Meeting (and any other General Meetings). If you’d also like to receive our Accounting and Business magazine free of charge, please let us know in writing.

We normally cancel district societies and members' network enrolments when you transfer to the retired list. If you’d like to go on receiving these mailings, again just let us know in writing.

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Further information

If you’d like any more information, please email

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