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ACCA's new Approved Content programme

From September 2014, ACCA will be replacing the existing Approved Learning Partners – content (ALP-c) programme with a new programme. Learn more about the changes to ACCA's content approval programme

Approved Learning Partners - content

ACCA's ALP-c is the programme that approves quality learning materials from quality content providers that support study towards ACCA’s qualifications.

ACCA’s ALP-c programme aims to show students which content providers meet ACCA’s quality assurance standards and recommend students use these approved providers.

Levels of approval

ACCA approves content providers who demonstrate that they have met our challenging quality assurance measures and performance indicators. Approval is granted only to quality content providers that cover all syllabus areas in sufficient detail within their approved materials.


Platinum is the highest level of approval. This has been granted to BPP Learning Media to support study for the exams from June 2011- December 2013. All Platinum approved materials are subject to an exclusive examiner review.


ACCA has a number of Gold Approved Learning Partners - content. Content providers interested in applying for gold approval must produce content  that supports some or all of ACCA's qualifications. Approval will be renewed on an annual basis. Materials produced by ACCA's Gold Approved Learning Partners - content are not reviewed by the examiner.

Please note that the award of ALP-c Gold status does not entitle providers to direct access to ACCA's examiners and ACCA's Qualifications team or to technical input from ACCA for the development of their content.

Last updated: 2 May 2014