Requests for additional examination arrangements for reasons of disability will be considered in accordance with the UK Equality Act 2010. ACCA is committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to benefit from suitable exam conditions appropriate to their specific requirements, while maintaining the integrity of the examination process.

Our dedicated team of exam administrators works continuously with both students and exam centres to ensure that the appropriate exam conditions are in place to help all candidates demonstrate their competence in the disciplines being assessed in our exams.

Your request will be considered on an individual basis by our experienced team. Requests should reach ACCA by the standard entry closing date, except in the case of accidental injury or acute illness, when a request should be submitted as soon as possible after the event. Please note that if your request is received after these dates, we may not be able to process your request on time for you to sit your exams.

You may have submitted information regarding a disability during the Initial Registration process and if so, we should already have a record of your requirements. However, you may still be contacted by our examinations department for further information if necessary.

If your circumstances have changed since the time of your registration, it may still be possible for additional arrangements to be made for you. If you require support please notify the exams department by emailing us at quoting Additional Requirements in the subject field. To allow us to fully consider your request you must attach supporting documentary medical evidence and ensure that your request is submitted by the standard entry closing date.  Your request will then be processed fairly and without unnecessary delay.

Last updated: 11 Aug 2015