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Are you already working in a finance role and do you want recognition for your experience? Or are you looking for a career in accountancy? Either way, choosing ACCA qualifications means you can start at the right level for you.

ACCA Qualification

If you have two A Levels and three GCSEs or their equivalent in five separate subjects including English and maths (or equivalent qualifications), you can start your studies at the ACCA Qualification.

The ACCA Qualification is broadly equivalent to degree standard when you take the first nine papers (the Fundamentals level). When you take the Professionals level, it is equivalent to a master’s degree. Once you have successfully completed your exams, ethics module and work experience, you will be able to work as a professional accountant.

To find out more and decide if this is the right place for you to start your studies, visit the ACCA Qualification page

Foundations-level Qualifications

If you don't have these entry requirements, you can start your career in accountancy with ACCA with our Foundation-level qualifications – collectively referred to as Foundations in Accountancy. These awards are broadly equivalent to GCSE level and a degree or HND programme.

If you have no previous qualifications we recommend that you start with the Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting and work your way through the rest of the qualifications.

This is because results show that students who achieve the Introductory Certificate first perform better in the Diploma in Accounting and Business exams than those who skip the other qualifications and start at the Diploma level.

Our Foundation-level awards are a stepping stone onto the ACCA Qualification. So once you achieve the Diploma in Accounting and Business you can start studying the ACCA Qualification and claim exemption from the first three exams (F1, F2 and F3). You can then continue your journey to becoming a fully qualified professional accountant

For more information on both the ACCA Qualification and the Foundation- level qualifications and how it can help accountancy careers, please visit the Qualifications at a glance section of the site.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2017