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Exams are a large part of gaining your qualification, but they needn't cause you sleepless nights.

We will provide you with all the information you need to survive exam time, from timetables to examiner tips - in fact we will do pretty much everything except provide the answers!

Exams to suit you

ACCA study is flexible; with four exam sessions to choose from each year and our on-demand computer-based exams available anytime*, you can progress through the qualification at your own pace and enter for exams at a time that suits you**.  You can also take advantage of the cheapest exam fees by booking two exam sessions at once.

In some markets you can also take our F5-F9 session CBEs; an intuitive computer-based format that aligns you with the modern workplace. Find out more about session CBEs

You also have the option to select papers based on international accounting and auditing standards and, in certain countries, variant papers based on local law and tax.

You may be exempt from certain exams, depending on what other qualifications you have gained. Find out if you could be entitled to claim any exemptions

*On-demand computer-based exams are currently only available for certain papers. Learn more about computer-based exams

**Flexible study is subject to certain rules and time limitations at Professional level. Find out more about our flexibility at the Professional level

Plan ahead - when to enter for exams

We run four exam sessions a year - in March, June, September and December - and you can save money by entering before the early exam entry deadlines.

For information on exam entry deadlines and other key dates for upcoming exam sessions, visit the important dates page

Watch our video for more information on when to sit exams and how our Exam Planner can help you plan your studies.

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Last updated: 16 Feb 2017