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We check each application to ensure that all of the membership requirements have been met. We will write to you if your records have components missing and ask you to rectify this. So to make sure your application goes through without delay, please make sure your My Experience records are complete and up to date. Factors which could delay your application include:

It’s not sufficient to simply mark objectives as ‘Achieved’. If you do this without the challenge questions being completed we will ask you to go back and fully answer them. These will then have to be submitted to a suitable workplace mentor for review and sign-off.

If you have recorded less than 36 months’ experience within your PER you will be asked to bring your My Experience records up to date and provide the details for each period of employment in the ‘work experience’ section of your online record. If you cannot confirm that you have completed 36 months’ experience, you will have to wait until you have attained and recorded the further months required to complete this component, and then update your My Experience record.

Only trainees working for a gold or platinum ACCA Approved Employer – Trainee Development stream, where the employer has agreed to the trainee claiming exemption, are eligible to claim exemption from completing performance objectives.

If you submit an application indicating that your gold or platinum ACCA Approved Employer – trainee development stream has agreed performance objective exemption and they have not or if your employer is not listed as ACCA approved you will be asked to use My Experience to fully answer the challenge questions for each performance objective you have achieved and submit these to your workplace mentor for review and sign off.

You must check your eligibility with your employer before you submit a membership application to ACCA. Evidence that you are exempt from completing performance objectives is required, so please complete and return the Approved Employer performance objective exemption confirmation form in support of your application. This form is available from ACCA Connect.

You must complete the Professional Ethics module before you will be accepted to ACCA membership. If your records show that you have not completed the module your application will be put on hold while we write to ask that you rectify this and notify us of its completion.

Please note that the module is intended to be taken seriously as a development resource and as a reflective exercise. ACCA audits Professional Ethics module submissions. Any submissions that contain reflective statements that are far too short, inappropriately written, or deemed not to be the original work of the student, will be investigated.

Banked STR


Some affiliates may have completed their relevant experience using the old student training record (STR) forms. The current membership application form no longer includes reference to the STR competences. So, if you have banked a complete STR please submit a copy (not the original) of your full STR1 document along with your application. We will then assess this, and if you have met the required competences, we will complete your transfer to membership. If you do not have enough elements we will provide you with tailored information on which objectives within My Experience should be completed to fulfil the requirements for membership.

Outstanding fees


Your transfer to ACCA membership will not take place if your account is showing a debit balance greater than your current year’s annual subscription, so please make sure your payments are up to date before you reply ‘YES’ to your invitation or submit a membership application.

The simplest and quickest way to pay fees is online through myACCA.

View details of all available payment methods

PER Audit


To quality assure the PER process and protect the integrity of the ACCA Qualification, ACCA carries out PER audits – a review of the practical experience attained for ACCA membership.

You will be notified if you are selected for a PER audit as this may result in your transfer to ACCA membership being delayed. ACCA would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goal of ACCA membership. If you have any further questions about PER or ACCA membership please email

Last updated: 11 Aug 2015