We check each application to ensure that all of the membership requirements have been met. We will write to you if your records have components missing and ask you to rectify this. So to make sure your application goes through without delay, please make sure your My Experience records are complete and up to date. Factors which could delay your application include:

Please make sure you've completed the required performance objectives and had your 36 months’ experience signed off by a practical experience supervisor. Otherwise, we’ll ask you to revisit these and submit them to a suitable practical experience supervisor for review and sign-off.

We need to know that you've completed 36 months’ relevant experience, so be sure to keep your My Experience record up to date and get your time signed off by your practical experience supervisor when you leave an employer or reach 36 months.

If you work for an ACCA Approved Employer who holds trainee development approval at Gold or Platinum level, then they may allow you to claim a performance objective exemption. This means that you do not need to document completing the performance objectives in My Experience.

However, it is important to confirm that your employer has this level of approval and whether they want to allow you to claim the performance objective exemption.

If you qualify for the exemption, you will still need to achieve 36 months' experience and record this in My Experience.

You must complete the Professional Ethics module before you will be accepted to ACCA membership. If your records show that you have not completed the module your application will be put on hold while we write to ask that you rectify this and notify us of its completion.

Please note that the module is intended to be taken seriously as a development resource and as a reflective exercise. ACCA audits Professional Ethics module submissions. Any submissions that contain reflective statements that are far too short, inappropriately written, or deemed not to be the original work of the student, will be investigated.

Outstanding fees


Your transfer to ACCA membership will not take place if your account is showing a debit balance greater than your current year’s annual subscription, so please make sure your payments are up to date before you reply ‘YES’ to your invitation or submit a membership application.

The simplest and quickest way to pay fees is online through myACCA.

View details of all available payment methods

PER Audit


To quality assure the PER process and protect the integrity of the ACCA Qualification, ACCA carries out PER audits – a review of the practical experience attained for ACCA membership.

You will be notified if you are selected for a PER audit as this may result in your transfer to ACCA membership being delayed. ACCA would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goal of ACCA membership. If you have any further questions about PER or ACCA membership please email members@accaglobal.com

Last updated: 12 Apr 2016