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The forum investigates the drivers of business and financial behaviour, exploring ways that risk can be managed to ensure that sustainable and long-term business objectives are not sacrificed for short-term financial performance. The forum focuses, in particular, on the ‘for-profit’ private sector and those larger corporations and financial services institutions that have a significant impact on wider society, whether individually or collectively. The forum’s goal is to influence policy makers and regulators to create an appropriate environment for responsible and profitable business.

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Adrian Berendt FCCA

After three decades in line roles in the City, Adrian is now working independently, providing consulting services to the financial services industry on regulation and risk management. He specialises in advising clients on the impact of regulatory change, particularly the capital implications of the latest Basel regulations and on EMIR/Dodd–Frank. Most recently Adrian was an executive director with LCH.Clearnet, the largest independent clearing house, working on a number of change projects, particularly in the regulatory area. He has appeared on a number of panels discussing corporate governance.

Married with four children, Adrian still finds the time (and the energy) to play cricket and will sing (baritone) at any opportunity.

Article Details

Date: 20 Feb 2015

Region: Global

Topic: Governance, risk and control