Anxiety 101

Tools and techniques to cope with anxiety and better your mental state for health and performance

A series of podcasts from our wellbeing ambassador Ross Anderson. Explore techniques to help manage anxiety and improve your mental state.

Anxiety 101: part one

Learn a little about ACCA's new ambassador for wellbeing, Ross Anderson as he touches on some of his struggles (particularly with anxiety). Listen as he teaches about some tools you can use to better your mental state for health and performance. Then explore why not all anxiety is bad and how it can be a sign of personal growth. Lastly, you’ll learn breathing techniques to tame your 'gremlins' (anxious thoughts). 

Anxiety 101: part two

Find out what Ross calls 'the fundamentals of human optimisation'. Ross will briefly explain what each element is. He’ll then offer insights on how you can start to build these into your life to make immediate improvements. 

Anxiety 101: part three

Shift your mindset. This subtle technique can help those with anxious tendencies think more efficiently, and improve how you approach goals and projects.